The genesis of this work finds its roots in the intricate tapestry of memories woven through the lens of post-modern culture. It is an exploration that draws inspiration from the fragments of yesteryears, rekindling the vivid colors, textures, and shapes that once defined an era, and invoking a profound sense of comfort and boundless joy.

It is a not a project thought to be produced for a demand or commercialized. It takes the path of an artistic reflection and an exercise of the total work of Art (Gesamtkunstwerk). Free from the fashion industry capitalist limitations and not restrained by the aspect of time used economically. I am allowing myself to venture in a more poetic and artistic aspect of my practice as a designer.
My future projects will not disregard the work I have been doing here, but grow from it and reflect on the matter of a more sustainable future in design and the space we allow to trends placing the designer as a service provider to the consumer, resulting in its product’s physical obsolescence and moral obsolescence.

model A.Ngai

painting below; The smoker 2020, painting in the photograph on the right : The landline 2020

Paris, France.