#eye #eye

2018 - 2019

is the final project of my Bachelor in fashion design studied at the Universitée du Québec à Montréal.
With this work I wanted to extract what defines me as french, and not in a collective term of being part of the french republic. What is different from me as opposed to the citizen of an other country, and makes me similar to my homeland neighbour who I do not look like. What makes us french when we are away from home.

After years of living as an immigrant in Quebec, the french speaking part of Canada, I know that language is one argument to bringing people together.
I have met some limits with friends from Quebec and it is obviously based on culture in its most trivial forms: the supermakets we shopped at, the television programs and its advertisements, the movies we watched, the food we eat and the vernacular of the language we pratice. The pop culture. After years I still do not understand when someone is referencing Mixmania or Le coeur à ses raisons.

This collection is a self-portrait of my identity on personnal terms that do not imply being french but are french in their customs opposed to other nations, such as being the child from a french middle class - blue collar - catholic family, and other cultural references that reach french natives of a similar generation.

The movie references are well known to anyone from my generation and older generations. The hand knitted sweater by Thérèse ( Anemone) and the suit of Pierre (Thierry Lhermitte) in Le père Nöel est une ordure, the pearl necklace and extreme catholic austerity of Mme Le Quesnoy and the New Romantics inspired make-up of Roselyne Groseille in La vie est un long fleuve tranquille.